Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Due to increase in internet user’s and success of online trading- it has given invitation to wide market, customer base and competition. To make mark in this online world concept of SEO was brought into picture to highlight one’s brand.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a practice which involves immense amount of backbreaking work which would then be mould into meaningful result that is extracted after in depth research.

Search Engine Optmization

Multiple techniques are followed to achieve the goal of projecting one’s business on the first page of the search engines (Like Google, Yahoo etc.,) of which organic is more precise. There is immense brainstorming involved on how to find the correct path to achieve the ultimate.

We have previously published “Six of the best tools to review this aspect”. There might be some questions arise from the same.  To make this more descriptive and understanding we have brought you step by step description to “Increase the number of visitors to your website in 30 days”.

1) Optimize your title and description

Clarity is always a trump card. If you are clear in your message deliverance, then there is no    confusion left but then again if your message is long it loses its vitality because as a reader or listener one tend to get bored and might skip important information if the content is too long.

Long story short – Content should be Clear, Brief and Concise and don’t forget keyword as that is the reference to the content. As an appropriate keyword, will make your content indexed by the search engine and will be displayed to the user who made search for the same.

As per Google, they limit the title view to 70 words and yet another point to be noted is meta description. So, if these is kept in mind then you might hit the bull’s eye.

2) Use alt attributes to optimize images

Do you ever realize how we are able to find the images through keywords when we put those words into search bar. Alt attribute is something which makes this possible as it is used to describe the graphical image.

Alt attribute serves other purposes other than being a description for a graphical image. It is also used by devices which use content reading software. We always create something that should be for masses and it is very useful for blind people as well.

3) Identify and fix broken links

One should always review their URL’s when they have renamed it as usually it tends to throw ERROR 404 which is disappointing. Broken link is referred to addresses which are no longer available or hosted on another server.

4) Check your redirects

Migration of content from one server to another server may lead to unavailability of the content during the process which may lose user’s.

We need to find a solution to same and we do have a solution that is redirection 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary), which warn the search engine robot before the change.

5) Unify the structure of your URLs

Unifying the structure your URLs is structuring your content in a way wherein it should be descriptive that invited tracking.

6) Shorten your URLs

Yet another key is shortening of URLs although Google can process URLs of 2000 words but then again 72 words can highlight your website.

Something which is short and precise is always attractive and drag one’s attention and don’t forget to make it catchy.

7) Link your pages internally

When you want to make something to work you need to find the links and by doing that you get your job completed.

Similarly, one can create links internally to make it accessible. If no links are provided then those pages are categorized as orphan page.

8) Use anchor texts to increase relevance

Anchor texts are texts which embed hyperlink into the content. You need to carefully insert the anchors in your keywords. Anchors work as a window to your content and the more you will make the link as anchor the more it will be included in the search base.

9) Make short click paths

Time is money – that should always be kept in mind as when user will have an experience which is not a lengthy process then they will surely find it convenient and will have a soothing and quick experience. Try and keep fewer pages.

10) Improve the accessibility of your site

One more recommendation is being accessible i.e., your site should be accessible and one way is sitemap.xml and make sure it should be updated frequently. It includes all the pages that make up the web.

11) Tell the search engines what to crawl

One should control the addresses that we let the bots crawl. It is only an indication to search engine. One shall use allow and disallow more often. One should try using robot.txt files.

12) Do your keyword research

Google Adwords, Google Trends, Übersuggest, Google Keyword planner … do you use anyone of them? These are the tools which is used to find the words that are most searched by the users.

Now how will it help? Answer is simple if you would include those most searched words in your content that will highlight your website.

13) Make sure you optimize your website’s navigation

A logical and proper structure of your website will always give an add on to the website. One should not create such a structure wherein a user is not get lost in the website or they are not able to find the content that they are looking for.

For ex: if someone is not getting a product in a store which they want it would decrease chances of that user coming back to the store.

14) Improve the loading speed of your website

It is annoying when something you are waiting to appear and that do not get loaded and taking a large amount of time. That is obviously not pleasant. So, make sure you get this fixed if it one of the issue as Time is what matters. According GTMetrix Tool Web Page loading time Should Be below 4 Seconds.

15) Optimize your website for mobile devices

Technology has invented lot of products and introduced into the market which is an alternative to laptop which is again a media to internet world. But nowadays, there are many other alternatives which have become media for using internet.

One must keep in mind that they should make their website every possible media compatible. User should get the accessibility from wherever they want.

AMP(Accelarated Mobile Pages) Project is an open source initiative that makes it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load instantly everywhere In the World.

16) Identify duplicate content

One can be charged for the duplicity of the content if the content is copied from another website and that is surely identifiable. One can access each page from the HTTP protocol or from the https.

17) Remove duplicate content

When you will come across the duplicate content make sure you eliminate it. We will be the one who will point that which one is original.PLAGIARISM is a tool Which is helpfull to identify Duplicate content. It’s best write your own unique content

18) Use TF * IDF to analyze the quality of the content

TF * IDF (Term Frequency * Document Reverse Frequency) is an algorithm which will review for optimization.

Try and use the right way or must say the unique way of using the unique products, original content. As it is a world of competition and one must strive to beat the competition by being unique.

19) Create unique headers

Plain is always boring try some creativity which would be unique. As a different thing, will always attract and plain thing always get unnoticed. Surely, getting unnoticed is not the motive. Try modifying the HTML code and playing with headings like the size of the headers: h1, h2, h3 as it would make the content more structured. Using Only one H1 that too a keyword in a page is good practice for Organic SEO

20) Select your content

Content should be lucrative i.e., it should attract the user or should say call the user to access. Make the content original and full of quality. Quote the content and disseminate it in RR.SS.

21) Recycle your content

Recycling is all about reusing your old content and publish in the website in a different picture and meta elements is something not to be missed before making any changes.

22) Keep a high content ratio to the code of your website

A ratio should also be maintained that is while representing a website it should a text should not indicate less than 25 % of the total content. Make sure one must write 300 words for every page displayed.

23) Diversify your new content

Monotony is an exit door for the business. If you would use one method to portray the business, then it would become boring.

Try adding spices to your website as it would make the same interesting. Try experimenting with the varied tools available. Include images, short video clips, gif which will surely enhance the content of the website. go checkout these Websites for awesome Infographics Dribble, Pintrest. ..

24) Internationalize your website

Language Diversification is what one should give a try. Make your website multilingual and provide it in multiple languages to the user.

Enabling this option by including href and attribute on each page that will be in another language, and do not forget to include in XML Sitemap.

25) Optimize your website for local search

You might include your business to promote it in some medium which is online like the Google My business and make your design attractive so that visitors would like it and it would directly impact your visit score. Keep a track of every detailing.

26) Make the most of social networks

To make most of anything one need to analyze and then try and note the effects. Deliver the content to the right audience. Use the language which is helpful and the content which would be useful like the videos and images. Be aware of what you are using and its impact. check this out for More…..

27) Causes users to interact with your website

Interaction is the ice breaker so make sure you provide the facility of commenting that is a tool tip. One can include debate and forums wherein users can interact and communicate and you can use this technique in social networking site.

28) Sign in Google Search Console

By loading the sitemap.xml to Google Search Console with keywords. You can do the monitoring with this. One should monitor at each and every step.

29) Sign up in Google Analytics

Google Analytics an amazing tool to track the activity of the user’s. Be sure you track on how does your audience behave and their pattern on your website.

30) Monitor your progress

Monitoring the progress is a key aspect. One should be interactive with user and meet the user, help them with the process and make sure you provide them with the best service.

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